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Images shown from exterior view. Colors/stains shown are as close as possible to actual finish but should not be considered a 100% match. Unfinished smooth door units with Brentwood, Fontainebleau, Kensington, or Solstice glass will have a tan Trim-Kit.


Warranties apply when your new MMI DOOR door unit meets the following criteria:

Exposure - Door unit is properly protected by an overhang. Please click here to view proper overhang requirements.

Installation - Door unit is installed according to MMI DOOR installation instructions utilizing proper flashing and caulking procedures to deflect water away from the unit.

Finishing - Door unit is properly painted or stained according to the manufacturer's instructions and maintained every 1-3 years, as required, to insure longevity.

Care & Maintenance - Door unit is free of obvious damage and normal wear and tear of component parts has been addressed.

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Model: 686SDL LOWE

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