Patio, French & Double Doors

The difference between Patio and Double Doors has always been a bit confusing. MMI DOOR defines Patio Doors as a two or three door unit with one active panel and one or two stationary panels. The operating panel will typically be hinged on the center mull post. A Double Door (often referred to as a "French Door") opens in the middle and has one "active" panel (door) and one "inactive" panel (door). The inactive panel is anchored by an astragal that can be released to allow both panels (doors) to open freely.

Both units are built for stability, strength, reliability, and energy efficiency. Our units have been extensively tested to achieve high DP (Design Pressure) Ratings for air and water infiltration. Many of our units qualify for the Energy Star Program. Choose from grained fiberglass, smooth fiberglass or steel. All units are available with any of our glass selections.





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