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string(1121) "SELECT p.max_width AS max_width, p.max_height AS max_height,CONCAT(p.max_width, '" x ', p.max_height, '"') as `size`, p.config,, p.type, p.config, p.collection, p.material, p.sub_type, p.panel, p.description, p.feature,,, p.price as minprice, p.fire_rated, p.status, p.door_design FROM (SELECT p.* FROM procon_doors p INNER JOIN (SELECT p.door_design, p.collection, MIN(CONCAT(p.max_height, 200 - p.max_width)) AS heightWidthMatch FROM procon_doors p WHERE (LCASE(p.type)='exterior') AND (LCASE(config)='single door') AND (LCASE(config)='single door') AND (LCASE(material)='steel security replacement') GROUP BY p.door_design, p.collection) p2 ON p.door_design = p2.door_design AND (p.collection = p2.collection OR (p.collection IS NULL AND p2.collection IS NULL)) AND CONCAT(p.max_height, 200 - p.max_width) = p2.heightWidthMatch WHERE (LCASE(p.type)='exterior') AND (LCASE(config)='single door') AND (LCASE(config)='single door') AND (LCASE(material)='steel security replacement') ORDER BY status asc, FIELD(p.material,'Fiberglass Smooth') desc ) as p GROUP BY p.door_design, p.collection"

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